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Sunday, February 1, 2015

☆ HELLO 2015.... I am KIRSTIN [dreaming + planning + reflecting]

HELLO 2015.... I am Kirstin.

I hope you all had a fantastic January, that you we able to find some time to enjoy family, some time dreaming, watching terrible movies + catching up on sleep.

For the first time I took January off.  And I have dreamed, reflected, had nanna naps in my studio, listened to the entire 'In Death' series on audiobook, painted, and just settled.

I didn't frantically cram adventures into every possible moment, I didn't clean my house from top to bottom + I didn't feel guilty when I woke late + stayed up later.

This is a new thing for me, taking time off like this. I used to be so good at it.... and then I wasn't.

So I dreamt + planned + reflected. I though a lot about LilliBean Designs, about how I want my family to be, how I want to feel at the end of each day.

And as I dreamt+ planned + reflected I realised a few things about myself.

I realised that I am no longer a fresh faced twenty something, (although I pretend I am sometimes) I don't have the same hang ups + insecurities (Yup I have a whole set of new ones!) +  maybe I should figure out who I am today, in this space + in this moment!

So during one of my moments of quiet I actually wrote down who I am today, in this space, in this moment.

And I was kinda surprised at my list.

HELLO 2015 - I am Kirstin

  • I am creative + I love having paint on my hands
  • I am a mama of three gorgeous girls (Bean, Bug + Beastie)
  • I am wife to Mac
  • I am a daughter, a sister + a bestie.
  • I am horribly optimistic (which annoys so many people!)
  • I am also a horrible cynic
  • I am a swearer. I enjoy it + feel no guilt about it.
  • I am irritated by all things political.
  • I am honest (but not always with myself)
  • I am a lover of horror movies (but I just CANNOT watch them anymore)
  • I am a card carrying member of Romance Novels Anonymous (Damn you 1-click purchase!)
  • I am a fan of all music that makes me feel something (from Nine inch Nails to Taylor Swift)
  • I am not a fan of boybands and I will likely never take the girls to a boy band concert.
  • I am an asker of the universe + believe my wishes are heard
  • I am addicted to aqua + turquoise + duck egg blue + teal..
  • I am happy every single time I walk into my studio
  • I am a gen x girl and miss my grunge days
  • I am a vivid dreamer, I laugh, cry, shout + slap in my sleep
  • I am a squeak listener
  • I am fiercely loyal
  • I am too independent
  • I am worried I am fucking up my kids (but I am saving now for future therapy bills)
  • I am overly empathetic + sensitive. 
  • I am also a drop of the hat cryer. (I am ok with this, but it make others so uncomfortable)
  • I am irritated by passive aggressiveness and people who make passive aggressive comments (Is this a passive aggressive comment??LOL!)
  • I am an artist, a social worker, a market researcher + events manager
  • I am a swimmer, who thinks she should run, but actually does none of these. I kick box instead
  • I am some one who thrives when I am told I CAN'T do something (But because I love to give 'them' a big fuck you when I succeed.)
  • I am scared of being vulnerable, even when I draw my greatest strength from vulnerability
  • I am likely a bad wife. I don't care too much about having meals on the table at 6pm, clothes pressed + away, and the cobwebs are just fine in the corners.
  • I am a very bad housewife (see above comment!)
  • I am that driver who dances in the car singing at the top of her lungs (with three backup dancers + vocalists in the back!)
  • I am a huge fan of Jillian Michaels (my friends + family are so sick of me quoting her!)
  • I am not cool with judgements + stereotypes + putting people into square boxes.
  • I am generous 
  • I am LilliBean Designs
  • I am Kirstin. K. I. R. S. T. I. N  (not kRIstin, kRIsten, of kIRsty. And I can guarantee anyone with one of these names can feel my pain!! But I am cool if you muck it up. No hard feelings!)
  • I am so very complicated.... 
  • I am me.
So HELLO 2015.... and hello to you all.

I am so very happy that you are here + that I am here with you.

What is it that drives you? What do you dream of? Who are you just now, in this moment?

And maybe think about how I can help you in 2015?

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