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Saturday, January 29, 2011

☆ Inner Goddess

It's week two of Tam's Magical, Mythical Makings course and I have finished my goddess. I decided to create my own goddess rather than take inspiration from the thousands from mythology and history partly because I didn't know where to start researching these beautiful women, (have you ever googled Goddess?) but also because I wanted her to embody some of the qualities I want to focus on myself.

Her name is Rainier meaning 'wise warrior' and she is the goddess of empathy and intuition. She is a reminder to carry empathy in my heart but to also listen to it, because it is wise and will steer me on the right path.

The swam symbolises intuition and the balm leaf empathy.

Sometimes I catch a glimpse and I can't believe I created her. I am really proud of this work, and although there are niggley little things I am not 100% happy with (don't most creators feel this way??) they aren't the things that I take note of. Maybe some personal growth occurred in the painting process - who knows ;)

Next week it's mermaids - I cannot wait!



  1. I love her and I think it's really great that you created your own goddess...with character traits that inspire you. The colors are great...and I also really like the cropped images that you pulled from your painting. Glad you're enjoying the class! I am too!


  2. one of my favorites of your beautiful paintings as I'm working my way through your archives---extra special that she is your muse :-D


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