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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

☆ Illustration Friday

I found this a really difficult IF to illustrate - Resolutions is such an broad concept and so I struggled with where to take it with out becoming lost in the process. (I hope this makes some sense...)

In the end I feel I may have copped out a bit and went for easy but I guess an accurate depiction of what resolutions means to me.

As you can maybe tell from my previous post I am a firm believer in creating resolutions at the beginning of the new year. I always have been. Some years I have been unrealistic and failed before the day was over. Other years I managed to tick items of my lists. (And yes they are lists plural!)

So here is Resolutions.



  1. Sometimes the literal approach is best. I like that your illustration indicates more resolutions will be written in the blank spaces!

  2. Well, this looks pretty much like the list I made for 2011. I wondered if I have such a long list, does that imply 2010 wasn't so good? Or am I more ambitious or do I have more energy? Maybe other viewers know what a long list means...:-)
    via Illustration Friday

  3. any illustration that includes candy is okay with me!
    nice work!


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