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Sunday, January 16, 2011

☆ Doctors, Dentists and Drawing.

(AKA Where did our week go??)

We have had a huge week past, full of those yearly check ups, where you spend what feels like hours in waiting rooms - a visit to the health worker for Bug, a visit to the doctor for Bug again, my long procrastinated visit to the dentist (I am sad to say I procrastinated for 10 years!) and another visit to the dentist to yank a wisdom tooth and fill a hole - a process I have to repeat in a months time...

(Little side note: I hate going to the dentist. HATE. IT. Because there was no fluoride in the water when I was small, every time I went I would have to have a filling. My mouth is full of silver...and isn't it funny that even after 10 years of not visiting - some of this time was because we lived in such an isolated part of Scotland - the sound of that drill and the smell wafting into the waiting room made my stomach churn, my hand shake and the sweat bead. And isn't that the most dignified thing ever sweating in the dentist chair!)

So along with the craziness that was our week, I was also able to get a few sketches down on paper.

A wee doodle to reaffirm one of my intentions this year - to love loudly and unreservedly...

The faery Veronique and her companion...

The Angel of Music - Melody...

Raven (sorry for the slightly blurry photo)...

No title yet - suggestions??

Bean and I even managed to make pirate hats and dance to Captain Feathersword (a la the Wiggles)

And dress up for tea parties with dad.

I am hoping that this week is less hectic and that I can put some of these sketches onto canvas.

What did you get up to this week? Did you have fun or do something new?



  1. My putting of dentist visit was almost as long my reason Cost and finding a NHS Dentist you actually have more chance winning the lottery than getting a dentist near where you live.

    What a cute little pirate.

  2. I know what you mean - I went on the NHS dental register when we first moved to Scotland and when we moved home 8 years later we still hadn't got the call...


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