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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

☆ ATC Swap with Aloquin

Last year I received an email from Aloquin asking if I wanted to do an ATC swap.

Now as you may know I love receiving things in the mail. I've talked about this before: I am a mail junkie. When I was younger I would sign up for all those free catalogues in the back of the teen magazines just so I would have my own mail in the post box. I wrote to every fan club (Do you remember the days before Facebook fan pages? OK I'm really showing my age now!) asking for an autographed photo of [insert deliriously hunky teen idol here].

So when I was asked if I wanted to do an ATC swap, I was like hell Yes!

The ATC I was asked to create was a girl walking in the city.

And I knew exactly which city I wanted to use (can you guess??) but what I wasn't sure of how to translate my idea into a 2.5 x 3.5' format.

I had to be a little creative, so I created the back ground above (with pro markers)

And then painted the girl below with acrylics + watercolours

I cut her out, and then dug through my old scrapbooking supplies and found those raise mount thingys.
And yes that is there very technical term, which raised the girl a couple of millimetres off the back ground, giving it a lovely 3D effect that is totally wasted on the scan below. (Except for the slight background blur…)

She was so much fun to create. I love the challenge that the smaller format presents, making me think out side the box.

My brief to Aloquin was a circus themed ATC.

And look at this amazing card I received. Such an awesome card + I had such a buzz opening my mail box and finding this nestled amongst the bills.

So I am always up for a swap, if your up for one, email me I would love to hear your ideas!

By the way, I have installed a new commenting system which I am hoping will make it easier to respond to your fabulous comments. I would love it if you said hi, but if you have any problems please let me know!
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  1. Wow... thanks so much for the awesome swap AND the post! It was great fun to swap with you, although I was nervous, but I suppose we're all a bit when it comes to creating art for someone! Thank you Kirstin!!!

  2. This ATC is cool! I love ATCs and have a swap group that I created with my flyer sisters from Kelly Rae Robberts class. We have a great time!


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