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Monday, January 13, 2014

☆ Catching up…. {LifeBook 2013}

I have been spending the last couple of days catching up on the last of 2013's Lifebook lessons, before I dive into 2014.

Seeing the art that people are producing already in twenty fourteens classes, has me so inspired, but I promised myself that this year, (well last year now!) I would finish all the classes.

Because I gave birth to wee Beastie in January last year, I didn't start my life book classes until mid February, so I am still about 10 weeks behind. But this week, I finished off a couple of classes

 Week 34: Radical forgiveness by Tam Laporte. I am not ready to forgive some of my hurts, (I will get there one day!) but I found this so therapeutic for forgiving some of the things I am ready to let go. You may have seen the tree on my Facebook feed - in the lesson Tam used a printed tree, but my printer ran out of ink + I ran out of patience with dragging all three kids into + out of the car for the third time that day!!

Week 36: This was another lesson by Tam, about keeping mindful in our day to day lives and creating mindful art. I love the expression on this face of this one, it is so soft + peaceful. 

Week 37: Inkblot Butterfly with Kelly Hoernig Using a dictionary page with my word for 2013 [Release] as a background, we created acrylic ink spot butterflies on tracing paper. I love the effect of this + best of all Bean joined me on this lesson + loved it so much she is desperate to try another one. I will share her creation soon.

Week 38: Feeling + Healing with Erin Faith Allen. A simple + intuitive lesson, and while I am not sure I am as connected with this painting as I should have been, I love the simplicity of the piece.

So there you go. I have learnt several techniques that I have never used before which have been super interesting + I can't wait to use them again, I have played with my Bean in the studio + my creative soul is like a pig in mud.

A good start to 2014 I'd say. How has your year started? I hope it's been fab.

By the way, I have installed a new commenting system which may or may not make it easier to respond to your fabulous comments. I would love it if you said hi, but if you have any problems please let me know!

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