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Friday, January 31, 2014

☆ The One Where I Realise Less is More [Friday Art]

Remember my painting from last week

The one where I thought it wasn't finished + that I thought I needed to add more to the page?

Here is the story behind this page.
So, I have these scrapbooking elements that are like Polaroid frames - kinda cool, + I thought that I would paint an Alice-esque face or two in the frames + attach them to the page. 

As I was painting the faces, I wasn't sure if they would add to the page, and once they were finished + I was playing with the placement I realised that they definitely wouldn't work.

Wasn't it Coco Chanel who famously said something along the lines of once you are dressed take off the last accessory you added to avoid looking over dressed? [I am being lazy, and can't be bothered to google it…]

Well I applied that theory to my painting and decided to leave them off. 

I was surprised when I read + answered the lovely comments about last weeks painting, that some  loved the idea of her being anonymous + that she could be any one of us.

And it was then that my instinct was validated with a big red tick.

And I wondered how you all know when it is time to stop. In our business, it is really difficult to take the last layer off, so do you walk away, does your instinct just guide you? I would love it if you shared with us. 

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  1. Gorgeous painting. I love her posture. Never heard that quote from Coco Chanel but it makes sense. As long as something bothers me in a painting I know it's not finished. So I keep working on it until I feel it's ready. I guess it's instinctive, because generally I don't have a problem knowing when it's finished. Happy PPF! denthe

  2. Somethings are never finished.... only when I love something do I know it's finished...and that is rare! Great idea to have an anonymous piece! Great quote too by coco... I heard that too!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. It's wonderful as is! I find it hard to know when I'm finished sometimes, especially with mixed media work. Sometimes less is more :)

  4. I love that you left it as is Kirstin. But your little polaroid -like faces are adorable all by themselves. I guess my problem is more about not adding enough more than about adding too much sometimes :)

  5. Lovely, Kirstin. Sometimes I add that one extra step and wish I hadn't. I don't know how to know when something is finished, but sometimes less is truly more.

  6. So glad I found this via SITS. I really like your art and I'm going to start mixed media project myself for my church and I'm nervous as heck. I don't do a lot of art on canvas so I feel very out of practice but I hope you don't me peaking around your blog for inspiration!

  7. Thanks Giggles! I am the same - I love when I know instinctively when something is done. {I feel so accomplished!!}

  8. I agree with you sometimes especially in mixed media less is more. But it is so hard with all the yummy techniques to hold back sometimes!! x

  9. I went through a phase where I felt I didn't add enough too! I am not sure why I felt that there wasn't enough, but I have been through a phase where every intricate detail had to be included! x

  10. I have done that so often Faye. I know if I am truly debating if something is finished or not, walking away is the only option x

  11. So true Nicole!! x

  12. Thanks so much for popping by + good luck with your project let us know how you go! I don't mind - peek around as much as you want, but I always think that the best thing about mixed media is that there are no rules + almost everything is ok!! x

  13. Lovely work Kristin. I think it's lovely as is.
    Never really sure when to stop but I hope I know with my present WIP.

    Annabelle xx

  14. I also like those poloriod frames. I tend to under do things so I ALWAYS need to add. I just LOVE LOVE those shoes. GREAT piece. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Paint Party Friday! I'm so late but I wanted to share my new site. My Sis went into labor Friday and had her baby on Saturday. Yay!


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