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Friday, January 24, 2014

☆ I Have Nothing but Time [Friday Art]

Mac has been in on a training course in the city this week, and after his first commute he texted, "I forgot how much I hate the traffic." And it made me realise how very different my life is now compared to ten years ago. 

Mac + I lived in the city for nearly ten years before we left to live overseas. We had busy lives, busy jobs + busy schedules.

Thinking about it now, I realised how much we were ruled by the clock. Time wasn't our friend. 

Back then I used to wear a watch. I was ruled by deadlines + billable hours, by bus timetables + parking restrictions, I was being consumed by the machine + there was never enough time in the day

I was a square peg trying to squeeze into a very round hole. And I always felt I was missing something.

☆ ☆ 

Now I live a very different life.

I no longer wear a watch. And I live in a very small town, where nothing is more than five minutes away.

Before I was never late. Now I am perpetually late.

Now I have nothing but time.

And while I'm still busy - I still have appointments + deadlines, the rushing + constant time allocation is no longer an all consuming thing.

So I was thinking about all of this when I was playing in my journal. A couple of weeks ago I posted a sketch on the LilliBeans Facebook page, for illustration friday's them of 'Time' so I decided to paint it on a back ground I had half started with left overs from my Lifebook catch up.

LilliBean Designs Sketch book painting, alice and wonderland style painting,
Nothing But Time.
I had planned on journalling on the right had side, but nothing inspired me, so I left it.

After all I have nothing but time to play with it.

And just this morning driving to the petrol station I had a flash of inspiration. So you will have to pop back next week to see if my idea works….

In these time driven period,  with our busy lives + full schedules, how do you carve out time for yourself? I would love it if you shared your stories with us.

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  1. I'm glad you had a chance to make such a wonderful change in your life. :) Wonderful painting!

  2. Oh lovely!! Love all the textures and love the black dress. It's bold and stands out. Really lovely!

  3. I just love this Kirstin-just as it is so I can't wait to see what you end up doing :)

  4. I love this, especially the way you are only showing her from the waist down. The colors in the stockings and shoes are great. Wonderful! And congratulations on your new lifestyle.

  5. Sorry, I forgot to leave a comment about your art. I really like the perspective of the waist down, which gives a sense that the woman could be any woman. I also really like the layers and textures.

  6. How good to be able to leave the 'rat race' behind and start again! I love your painting and the way you have left the girl 'anonymous' She could be any one of us!

  7. Beautiful page! I love the skirt and striped stockings and little red shoes!

  8. Thanks so much Cindy x

  9. Thanks so much Sandra - I had debated adding something else to the painting, but you have totally inspired me to just leave it. Thank you x

  10. Thanks so much Renee - I hadn't thought about leaving her anonymous, but I do like that idea! x

  11. Thanks so much Rita x

  12. Thanks Linda, although I think I have just been inspired to leave it…. as much as I liked my other idea, I think it loses something when I add it. Luckily I hadn't fully changed it!! x

  13. Thanks so much Maria x

  14. Thanks Efi x

  15. Thanks so much Natasha x

  16. Thanks Susi x


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