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Monday, January 20, 2014

☆ LifeBook 2013 Catch Up [Part Two]

Part two of my intense Life Book catch up experience. [Part One is here] I managed to achieve so much this week, with out missing out on the point of the lesson.

Week 39: A Tribute to Loss with Dawn DeVries Sokol 
I decided to create this page as a tribute to my grand father (who has now been gone ten years). He is represented by the dragonfly, which is one of my personal totems, (+ one day I will share the story behind this)
I love the effect that using black gesso as a base coat gave - although I didn't have black gesso + used heavy black acrylics instead.

Week 40: What's Inside with Rachelle Panagarry
This was a fun one to create, lots of layers, collage and colour. I love how her face turned out + I adore the way it peaks out from behind her hands. 

Week 41: Celebrating Earth with Tamara Laporte

Another colourful page exploring masks, stamps and gelli plates. I haven't invested in one yet, they are out of my budget at the moment + I am not sure if I will use one enough to justify the cost. I have seen home made ones on pinterest (Has any one made one of these??) but for the moment I will keep using my old credit cards.

If you were on my facebook page last week, you would have seen me making + using stamps for this piece which was so much fun + surprisingly easy!

Week 43 - Nature As Art with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

For this page, I ventured into the 40° + heat to my very dead garden to find something to use as a stamp from nature.

Not much was left alive, but I found some rosemary + a strawberry leaf. But despite the lack of greenery in my garden, I love the effect I was able to achieve with limited supplies. This was another lesson that I substituted a Gelli plate with my trusty credit card! But in this instance I could see how cool, using greenery on the gelli plate would be.

Week 44: Halloween Queen with Tamara Laporte

Sorry about the crap photo with this one. It was hard to photograph, and my journal is so full that scanning is almost impossible. The black acrylic + iridescent medium are so hard to do justice in a photo.

This was a paint over portrait piece, so I printed out a pic of me, stuck it down and painted over it. There is something slightly odd with the portrait. Her lips are too big for one, and maybe because I recognise parts of myself in the painting, it is slightly jarring. 

But I love how her dress turned out. Love it. And I couldn't do that again if I tried - and that is the beautiful thing about art isn't.

So only a few more lessons to go before I can dig into Life Book 2014. And I love seeing the art that is being produced at the moment. I can't wait!!

Have a fantastic week.

By the way, I have installed a new commenting system which I am hoping will make it easier to respond to your fabulous comments. I would love it if you said hi, but if you have any problems please let me know!  
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