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Monday, March 31, 2014

☆ The Art of Intention [Life Book 2014]

 Week 8 - The Joy of Intention with Alena Hennessy

This was an interesting lesson for me. Purely abstract, totally leading with my intuition, and a surprising out come from a meditation!

I am not great with abstract work, but I love the way that the circles evolved + the appearance of the feathers. And I am a bit surprised with the yellow - it isn't a colour that I use a lot of!

During a guided meditation, I was drawn to the words peace + harmony, answering the question of what I really wanted in my heart of hearts.


Yup, I totally get the reason behind this! But it wasn't the intention that I went into the meditation with. 

What is it that you want RIGHT NOW in your heart of hearts? Perhaps you'll share yours with us below.

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  1. Beautiful work, lovely colors!!! Peace is the very first word that comes in to my mind too!!!


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