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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

☆ A some what Lazy but Creative Parenting Moment [Creating with Kids]

Last Sunday, I was in my studio trying to catch up on some work, when Bug + Bean came barrelling in wanting to do something in my studio.

But I was half way through something, and only had a short time to do it - I was just about to refuse when they saw some sketches on the floor.

'Can we colour these in mama?'

I was just about to refuse, because I hadn't finished with these sketches, when I had an aha moment.

I could photo copy them.

And thus my some what 'Lazy but Creative Parenting' moment.

And as they were creating + I was working, I realised three awesome things about my lazy creative parenting moment.

  1. For Bug + Bean drawing + colouring is their all time favourite thing to do, and being able to do it in the 'forbidden' room (my studio) made this moment incredibly special + fun. (Even though most of their down time is in front of a colour in book with pencils.)

        2.  By colouring my drawings, drawings they had seen become paintings, they felt like they were   
             artists like their mama, but by using their own colour choices they put their own stamp on the 
             drawings. They were happy + proud of their work. (a bonus out come really!)

        3.   My work time wasn't being constantly interrupted + I was able to stop feeling guilty 
              about working on a Sunday, because my kids were with me, we were interacting + 
              bonding even though it wasn't an intense one on one time.

So it had me thinking, how valuable taking something that is every day, and changing the location, the colours, the intent, can change the whole moment.

I mean, what if the girls + I took their colouring pages to a cafe, or what if we took their sketch books the park, or gardens. 

Simple changes + ideas, but I suspect that it would be one of their most favourite outings. 

And I wonder if there are other ways simple ways that we could make ordinary moments more special. 

Do you have any ideas about making simple changes? I would love to hear your ways to change simple ordinary moments into something sparkly + special. 

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