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Monday, March 24, 2014

☆ Pop Up Positives with Jane Davenport [Life book 2014]

Week 7 - Pop Up Positive with Jane Davenport

You know you are having a crappy week, when the most positive thing you can think up about yourself is that you are loyal.

Every positive thing I could think off was refuted by my inner bitch. 

So this lesson by the fabulous Jane Davenport, was just what I needed as well as one of the most difficult, because my little bitch was running rampant that day!

After lots of inner debate, I came up with 

                 ☆  Dreamer of big things
                 ☆  Open - Hearted
                 ☆  Believer of all things fantastical 

The next hard part was trying to illustrate them! They were such abstract positives that I had to be a little creative.

I think my unicorn is my favourite...

Thanks Jane, for not only a fun + beautiful project, but for making me reinforcing, after a crappy week, my positive qualities...

What are your top three positive qualities? Don't let your inner bitch tell you, like mine did, that you have none. You do! Some times you have to did a bit deeper... I would love it if you shared your positives with us below.
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  1. Love this spread - The inner critic always shouts at me too! I think that's why I hardly completed any of the LifeBook pages last year and didn't even sign up this year - I admire your ability to do the hard work!!


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