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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

☆ How Can I Help? [And Can You Help Me?]


No truly how can I help YOU?

Last year, I have received emails from you guys, asking me how I paint faces, how I find time, how I started, how I create with kids....

This year, I am hoping to grow Listening to the Squeak, into a space which offers ways help you guys. 

So I need your help.... please!

I would love it if you gave me two minutes to tell me how I can help you. And ok, I can't help you solve the great Alien debate, but maybe I could help you create Aliens on paper!


'Wish' is a 4 x 4' painting on canvas, and will be on to her new home early next month...

I had originally decided to give away some gift tags, but then I found this little painting + decided to give her away instead!

So what is it you WISH to know

Please share with me...

Fill out my online form.
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I appreciate all your comments - oh + p.s. all your answers are kept confidential + the only reason I'm asking for your name + email once you submit is so I can contact the winner. (but email me if you have any questions!)

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