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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

☆ 9 Mixed Media Papers Found in Most Homes [Art at Home]

So continuing in the theme that art shouldn't cost a fortune, I thought I would share with you some of the papers that are fairly common around most homes + that I use in my mixed media art.

1. Yellow Pages/ White Pages/ Telephone books
Since we never use these any more, I use these in my art. The yellow pages + white pages make  awesome back grounds. And because ours are quite large, you can use one sheet to cover the pages in my journal

2.  Store Wrapping
There are so many cute gift bags out there. I hang on to all of these for future art work.

3. Product Packaging (This cool one is from Nescafe)
Along with store wrapping even every day items that you have to buy have cool wrapping or tags! This one was from the Nescafe coffee I buy to feed my coffee addiction.

4. Dictionary Pages
A part of me is horrified that I am ripping up my primary school dictionary, but if I want to add special meaning to a page dictionaries are perfect. I just ripped out this page randomly, but there was a word on their which I think I will use in my journal page

5. Corrugated Cardboard
This is in every package that comes into our home, and gives an awesome texture to your pages. I used it in my previous post to make marks on the page, but you can also use it for texture.

The texture on the back of the napkin should add some dimension to the page.

6. Last years planner
This is such a cool thing to use, dates, times + your daily to do list. I love using this. I love that there is our daily lives in my art.

7. Gift Wrap
I am one of those people, who when given a gift, I judge the wrapping paper you use... 

I am not judging you by the quality of your wrap, I am judging the wrap for how I will use it in future art works. 

And I don't tear into the wrap. Ever.

8. Piano Music
Now this may not be laying around your house, or if it is, you may not want to rip it up for art work, but instead of heading to the craft shop to find your music sheets, head to the charity store, you can pick up all kinds of music sheets there + I don't feel guilty for using them. And bonus they are usually super cheap.

9. Napkins

I think I may be a candidate for a hoarders TV special, the way that I hang onto everything, but every time I go to my nan's for morning tea, I put an extra in my bag for later. She always has the nice napkins too, not the cheap white ones that I buy! 

My completed page, ready for some fabulous journalling. 
So what is your favourite around the home art supply? What do you hang on to that you can use in projects later?

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  1. The phone book! Duh! What a great source for background paper. A great substitute for dictionary pages, if those are unavailable. The phone listings are just as neutral but still interesting.


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