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Monday, May 5, 2014

☆ Quirky Animals [Life Book 2014]

 Week 15 - Quirky Animals with Tam

Do you remember last year when I shared the series of Quirky Birds that I had done as part of the Life Book 2013 classes?

Well that was such a popular lesson, with quirky birds are popping up all over the internet, that this year, instead of birds, we did a series of quirky animals.

I love drawing stylised animals. Besides my big eyed girls, it is one of my favourite things to draw, (check out my alternate alphabet). And I have been drawing stylised animals since I was in high school. (Mainly because I couldn't draw then realistically!)

In particular, my lion, (Lionel) has graced pencil cases, diary pages, folders, sketch pads, paintings + friends arms. 

If you have know me since I was a pimply faced teen, you will probably remember Lionel!

So it was hugely fun to choose animals, which mean a lot to me spiritually, emotionally, physically. Some who are new to me + some who are old friends

So meet my quirky animal team:

  • The Monkey - because I need to remember to play more, have fun, life is not always serious.
  • The Zebra - because although we may all look similar, we are all different, unique + gorgeous creatures
  • The Koala - Because I really need to look after myself more + get more sleep. Candle burning both ends here guys!
  • The Deer - Because I am a sensitive + I need to be reminded that my intuition is almost always  right. Trust in it.
  • The Elephant - Because I need to just barge through the road blocks + obstacles that I put in place to obtaining my dreams.
  • And Lionel, my lion -  a reminder to be constantly brave + grab my courage + let go. Also, he is the freaking king + no one talks shit to him, so a reminder not to take any shit - no matter how well intentioned.

So there you have it, my animal totem.

Do you have an affinity to a particular animal? I would love to know which animal speaks to you + why that animal is so special.

Oh, by the way - thank you every one who left a comment on Fridays Kimmi Doll post, with your fabulous suggestions + ideas for marketing them in the future x
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