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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

☆ Wanna win a $30 GIFT VOUCHER to the LilliBean Designs Store?

Over the last few years, I held a monthly give away on Listening to the Squeak. This year I decided to reward my newsletter subscribers, so every month, a subscriber of the LilliBean Love Letters, wins a painting, post cards, jewellery or gift cards.

But I always said I would have a few give aways on here this year too + this is the second one for 2014.

The other week, I was thinking about the purpose of 'Listening to the Squeak'? Why do I show up every week here? What can I offer to you that will help you out?

And while I  have started by sharing my 'Listening to your Squeak' e-course which started in April, I feel like I could do more...

I want to make Listening to the Squeak,  a supportive, caring and accessible space. And to do that I need your help.

And I want also to thank you all for your help, love + support over the last four years.

So I have created a questionnaire of only ten questions (it will take 5 minutes tops!) which will help me make Listening to your Squeak + LilliBean Designs a place which be a supportive, caring + accessible space for you + me.

And as a HUGE thank you for your help, I have three AWESOME thank you gifts for three lucky entrants.

THANK YOU gift number one: A $30 gift certificate for everything in the LilliBean Designs Store. Paintings, gift tags, jewellery, cards. EVERYTHING. Go nuts!

THANK YOU gift number two: A set of 10 Postcards, from the new range - not even in store yet. It includes paintings  early this year, as well as some of the favourites from  last year. (value $20)

THANK YOU gift number three: A set of 10 gift tags - again from the new range not in store yet! (value $10.50)

So to enter click here + answer the very short questionnaire. (A very long time ago, I used to work in market research, so believe me when I say, it is extremely short!)

Entries close Wednesday June 4th + the THANK YOU gifts will be drawn randomly at 8pm Australian EST.

Thank you for your help + good luck!

EDIT: The give away has closed + the winners announced. HOWEVER, the questionnaire is still open + if you have two minutes to spare to help out, it would be hugely appreciated! K xx

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful, generous giveaway. I just took the survey and it was really short. I hope all the responses you get helps you! Rasz

  2. I just did the survey-it did go very quickly. Thank you for such a generous gi!veaway


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