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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

☆ Finding time to be Creative [Creating with Kids]

Usually a "Creating with Kids" post, I share a way that the girls + I share the creative experience together, me learning from them, them learning from me.

I have to be honest, it has been a while since we have been able to find the time to be creative together. I have a plan to fix this (which I will share next soon!)

But this month, I wanted to answer a question that I am asked a lot.

"How, with three kids, do you find the time to create?"

And the simple answer is I make the time. But that is simplistic + unsatisfying + doesn't answer the question.

So, the long answer starts with this - with preparation + planning.

Once a week, usually a Sunday night I sit down with my diaries (I have two: one for family + one for LilliBean Designs stuff) + figure out what's happening over the coming week.

Most of what we do - dancing, play groups, coffee with the gang, are things we do every week, but there are often other things going on.

Appointments, visits with family - you know the usual life in a family things.

Along with all this, I also schedule in studio time.

Our days also follow a similar pattern (and I do admit that sometimes when I wake up I feel like it is ground hog day)

We get up, eat breakfast, get ready for school, walk Bean to the bus stop, come home, I get ready +  mostly days we are out of the house by 10 am.

We are home by lunch time + the girls have a rest between 1 + 2.30/ 3 pm and this is when I get into the studio. Wee Beastie still has a snooze, but Bean + Bug will play quietly or watch a movie.

I rarely schedule appointments, catch ups or anything else during this time.

I guard this time like a pit bull with a bone.

And often when I am planning our week I will often schedule in what I plan to do in the studio - whether I plan to paint, do a Life book lesson, write posts or other LilliBean stuff.

I didn't always do this, but I found if I actually writing it down, schedule it like an appointment, I was more likely to keep it.

(If I didn't I would spend the time reading or on pinsuck... Ahem....I mean pinterest.)

So most days, I can have a good chunk of time in the studio.

In the evenings, I manage to spend three to four evenings in the studio as well. But this time is less structured + depending on how tired I am I may skip going down stairs.

I usually take Friday nights off but Saturday night is an awesome night to paint - there is no need to get up early for school or sport the next day + I can manage to get a little sleep in - if the girls co-operate!

So this is how I manage to find time to create:

1.    I want this. Badly..... very badly.

2.    I schedule it into my weekly planner

3.    I guard this time + keep it free as much as possible

4.    I make it a priority, I realise that this is time that I need as part of looking after myself + 
       therefore my family

5.    I treat it like a job. It is my work, I will say to the girls 'Mama is off to work now' + they   
       and Mac respect that. (Mac will often tell me to get my ass to work, if I am feeling 

Finding the time to create, to exercise, to make healthy meals for my family, to do it all, is one of my favourite excuses. But there are ways to carve out time in your day or your week.

So what about you? How do you find time? Do you schedule it like me? Get up early? Stay up late? I would love to hear about your processes.

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