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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

☆ Like a bad cliche I am wondering ~ where has 2014 gone? [SNIPPETS FROM MY STUDIO]

Once a month I send out the lovely members of my mailing list a short newsletter, where I share what's going on my head at the moment, a free downloadable calendar featuring my art + announce the winner of that months give away. This is a short snippet from July's newsletter that I thought would be relevant to all of you...

I am wondering like a bad cliche "where did my year go"?

Today Bean asked me, "Mama, are we half way through this year?"

And I paused....

Holy. Shite.


Obviously we are in July now, and so I am wondering 'where the freaking hell did my year go?'

Since Bean asked her very innocent question this morning, my brain has been churning. 

What happened to my big plans, my huge ideas, and what exactly have I achieved so far.....

Remember this post, with this painting, talking about my dreams for 2014?
But it turns out, although I haven't seen big changes, and okay, in some areas there has been no movement, (those bloody 20 lbs!),  I have been able to tick off quite a few things from my to do 2014 list.

(Yah Me!!)

So I wanted to check in with you all...

Do you remember your hopes and goals for 2014.

Those lists that you wrote down, those big ideas you had, those lovely snuggly dreams you wanted to achieve?

Do you??

I am planning on spending a bit of time this week checking in again, re-evaluating + dreaming big for the rest of 2014...

What about you??

And feel free to share with us your big dream for 2014 - I would love to hear what you are aiming for...

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