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Friday, August 29, 2014

☆ Harvest Markets August [Friday Art]

I have been totally consumed with making new art for this weekends Harvest Markets.

And I am so excited about this one.

Last time, it rained.

It poured.

And for an outdoor market, it was almost a kiss of death.

This time the forecast is for an amazingly gorgeous end of winter day (blue skies, warm, but not hot wether. I love this time of year...)

So you've already seen the hand painted note books + the wall plaques, but I thought I'd share these new canvases.

It has been ages like I painted like this, quicker pieces, that are on canvas.

And I love how they turned out.

So if your in the Cowra area, make sure you pop in. I am near the band stand. Come + say Hi!

Have a great weekend...


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  1. Gorgeous portraits! I always enjoy seeing your girls. :)


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