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Monday, August 18, 2014

☆ A Page of Healing Layers [Life Book 2014]

Week 31 - A Page of Healing Layers with Mika Diaz

This was such a fun page to do incorporating beautiful papers from my over flowing "paper" draw, using some bright aqua (my most favourite colour at the moment!) + some of the sketches from my sketch book.

I used actual tracing paper, which seemed to wrinkle a lot - this may be because I was on the phone while trying to paste it down, but I think it was the actual paper.

I wondered if this would work with tissue paper as well + I think it may have given a better integration to the page. Next time...

I was having a pretty down day when I made this page, so I decided to use the word 'honour', 'pride' + 'grace' as the direct opposite of how I was feeling.

It always surprises me when art journalling how awesome I feel after ward. Instead of the awful feelings I had swirling around inside of me, I ended up feeling honour, pride + grace.

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