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Monday, August 11, 2014

☆ Make Shift Magic [Life Book 2014]

 Week 30 - Make Shift Magic with Carissa Paige

This would have been a fabulous lesson had it not been the epic failure of my supplies!!

Carissa Paige taught a technique using what we call in Australia contact paper (clear sticky plastic that you use to cover books - that is every mum's nightmare when school goes back cause it's always full of bubble or creases!!)

So my first layer was some cool papers I had lying around + then I photocopied some images I had in my inspiration pile + then I stuck contact on them.

The theory being that when you soak them off, you end up with this amazing image on your contact (a little transparent ), it's still sticky enough to stick down + then you are left with these really cool images + the back ground shines through the image.

Cool right?

Well, perhaps if I had contact that wasn't from the reject shop. And maybe if I hadn't soaked them in boiling water. And perhaps if I hadn't forgotten they were soaking + left them for an hour.

So when I remembered + had time to rub the images off, they contact slid right off, like I had coated the images in butter.

In the end I stuck the wet images down (+ I had a glimpse of what they would look like had the contact worked)

It's dry now + I am not sure what I will do with it next - whether to leave it as is, or add some paint + journalling to it.

Have you had a supply malfunction before? How did you salvage the project? Feel free to share your stories below.

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