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Friday, August 1, 2014

☆ The Winter Princess [Final Reveal]

Week 31: August 1st 2014

Well.... This winter princess has certainly made me work for the final painting. I realised today that in between Life Book projects + other bits + pieces, that this painting has taken almost the entire month.

But now she is done + I am a little sad, that I will no longer have her on my table. 

So I started late last week on her icicle crown 

Which is studded with odd shaped aquamarine gems...

Woo hoo! Crown finished. (And surprisingly her crown didn't give me too much grief!)

This is where I left the branches in her arms, but I hated these. (Oh + arn't we surprised by that??)

So I ignored them, yeah, yeah I was procrastinating, and finished the trim on her dress.

I realised I only had the sticks + her hands to finish of so I pulled on my big girl pants + tackled them next.

{Branches close up}

And here is a close up of her finished hands.

I mentioned in part one that she was inspired by a passage in a Kristen Ashley novel called 'Wildest Dreams' + I thought I would include  a little of the passage that set this whole painting in motion.

"My white-blonde hair was a mass of long, thick twists that were pulled off my forehead somehow but hung down my back, chest and shoulders. I had shimmering pink on my cheeks, a gloss of pink on my lips, an iridescent blue on my eyelids, a dark blue rimming my eyes and a sparkle of pearlescent white around my temples [...]
I was wearing a crown[...] And it looked like icicles shooting up and slightly out, crusted with glinting diamonds and sprinkled with glimmering aquamarines."
Kristen Ashley 'Wildest Dreams'

So the final, final reveal - The Winter Princess

The Winter Princess acrylic on panel
The Winter Princess
acrylic on wood panel
30 x 40 cm
If you want to see the works in progress + all the trouble she gave me during this month here is part one, part two + part three.

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  1. Kirstin, I love the depth and detail of this beautiful painting. Yes, it is a little sad to finish, but it is also fulfilling to have been able to complete something so lovely.

  2. She is beautiful and so expressive. Another great piece of art which you always deliver!

  3. Oh she turned out beautifully.... amazing to see that you struggle too! Because your work always looks so perfect!! Her jewels and eyes just pop! Gorgeous work!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Kirstin she is absolutely beautiful. Every detail is perfectly painted. Those branches are so realistic. I love how you created the jewels in her crown and of course her hair and eyes pull it all together. I love this piece!!!!!

  5. This turned out beautifully! Wonderful attention to detail - and she is SO expressive! Fabulous!

  6. Excellent picture and love the story. Blessings, Janet

  7. I haven't been around to visit blogs in a week and what a treat I find here! She is gorgeous and you've worked out all the tricky parts to make one beautiful whole!! LOVE it!


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