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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

☆ What Happens When you Clean up your Studio [Inspired to Action]

Last week I had lost my sketch book - lost it in the mess that was my studio. (You may have seen this photo on my Facebook timeline)

Paints every where, bins over flowing, projects all over the place.

You had to be careful walking in - who know what would be on the floor drying...

I was determined to find the sketch book + the only way I could do that was to [sigh] tidy up.

I am so NOT a domestic goddess. I am mostly comfortable with my mess, which is why my studio is my safe haven, with the door closed I don't have to deal with any of Mac's looks of disbelief at how messy I actually am!

So reluctantly I started to tidy up.

And I found all these projects, I had half started + I was inspired to clear to finish them off.

Some might call this procrastination - I call say I was inspired to action.

Like these rocks painted as strawberries, to stop the birds raiding our patch.
(Time spent on my work desk:18 months)
I just need to lacquer these now + they are ready for the summer. 

Or this kaiser craft frame I am planning to use for my necklaces + earrings.
(Time on my work desk: 8 months)
I only have to finds some hooks + assemble.

And these kraft notebooks, I bought to paint original paintings on the covers for the markets in April
(Time on my work desk: 4 months)
I am totally into finish these for the Harvest Markets at the end of August. 

I never did find my sketchbook in the studio.

It had fallen down the back of the couch - where I had put it so Beastie wouldn't attack it.

And my studio? It seems I need to tidy up again. 

Or not.
What projects have you forgotten about? Isn't it time to finish them off? What is the longest time a project has sat unfinished. I have one I started three years ago that is still waiting to be completed - what about you??

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