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Sunday, October 24, 2010

☆ Elizabeth Gilbert and Nurturing Creativity

So, I may be the only person on the planet who has missed the whole Elizabeth Gilbert - Eat, Pray, Love phenomena, I had no idea who she was, what the book was about, or why she is so revered... but then I stumbled on a video in which Elizabeth talks about creativity, and how every one has a creative genius with in and why we should nurture our geniuses (or is it genii??)

Its a long video - 20ish minutes, but I was captivated for the whole 20 minutes!

I must admit when I was a teenager wanting to be an 'artistic' I believed I didn't fit the mould. I feed into the stereotype that to be an artist you had to be manic depressive or an alcoholic or whose hands always were covered in paint, who smoked continuously, lived in exotic cities across Europe and who hung out in cafes drinking absinthe  - certainly not a fairly normal girl living in a small country town in mid west NSW!

Fortunately I grew out of this and realised that you didn't need to be any of these things - in fact you just had to be yourself - if not a wee bit mad!

Anyway to get back to the video - I was so inspired by this talk, a new perspective (or an old one revived) on creativity - and it certainly helped with putting my blues into the proper place - in a small dark box under lock, key and heavy chain...

So I think I will have to find and name my genius.... and I may just have to join the 'Eat, Pray, Love' phenomena!


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