Google+ LISTENING TO THE SQUEAK INSIDE art by Kirstin McCulloch of LilliBean Designs: ☆ Illustration Friday

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

☆ Illustration Friday


The Hitch Hiker
(mixed media)

This was inspired by the story 'The Things I Love about Bedtime' by Trace Moroney. We read it to Bean most nights and one of the things the bunny loves about bedtime is to think of all the cool things he could do like fly to the moon on the back of a giant bumble bee!



  1. How cool. I've never read that book, but it sounds like a very special bedtime story. I need something like that to help me go to sleep... Your illustration is sweet and creative!

  2. Well that's one way to fly! Beautiful color and great use of the word! :D Great job! :D

  3. Very cool idea. Love where you took the theme


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