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Sunday, October 10, 2010

☆ Octobers Sketchbook Challenge is...

...Taaaa Daaa - PORTRAITS!

Blech. This is much, much, much harder than I first thought when I asked myself at the end of September - what will I draw next month???

The theory behind this is that by practicing that which I struggle with, and am never happy with, I will become better at it.

And if that isn't hard enough, by using black ink, I cannot rub out the mistakes.

Sometimes, I don't know what I am thinking... oh wait maybe it was the wine speaking ; )

Anyway I am struggling, am never really happy with my drawings, and the girls are too young to sit still long enough, but I have not given up, and I have taken some cute photographs to draw from.

It's only day 10 - the next 20 days will be challenging! Oh crap October has 31 days doesn't it!!


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