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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

☆ Illustration Friday


This was a challenging prompt and I had many ideas for beneath: 

♥ Heaven above, earth beneath, 
♥ Interred beneath,
♥ Some where beneath the sea,
♥ Beneath the same roof,
♥ Beneath our feet,

My favourite idea was to answer - 

 'What does a Scotsman wear beneath his kilt?'

Now having been to a few Céilidh's in my time, I know what some Scots wear beneath (or don't wear!) and I didn't think I could do the idea justice... this is what I drew instead



  1. I love this, great work! So many interesting little details :)

  2. I highly enjoy this, I really enjoy the kids holding hands and the cupid bear in the tree and the stuff you see in the dirt, nice stuff.


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