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Thursday, December 15, 2011

☆ Christmas Goodies + the Joy of Giving

Well since I have been going on and on about these hand made gifts I have decided to make for family this year, and how like usual I have procrastinated so much, that now I have only two weeks left 'til christmas, and crap wasn't it a great idea in July!

I thought it only fair that I share some of the finished pieces with you all. Perhaps you might see it as a small reward + a thank you for listening to me whine about my own stupidity, and my terrible habit of leaving things to the very last minute!

Stone markers for my sister in law - she is a mad keen gardener.
These were super easy to make - I just collected rocks on my walk (sometimes my pockets has so many rocks my pants would fall down as I walked!) They need a final coat of lacquer and a pretty bag and they are finished.

These mermies were made from a pattern in Hillary Lang's book Wee Wonderfuls with a few personalised differences for the girls...

Aren't they just divine?

I am pretty sure the girls will love these - well I do! They are wrapped and under the tree, and every time one of the girls looks trying to figure out what that present is, I smile, thinking of what they will say, their expression, their joy when they finally open them.

So really that is what a hand made christmas is all about isn't it? - that feeling that you get, the pleasure, the joy of some one just enjoying, appreciating and loving a gift that you made just for them. 

That feeling really is worth the stress, worry and slight anxiety that surrounds the whole thing of giving something I created.

Well there are more presents to finish - back to the desk!

Have a great day.

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