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Saturday, December 10, 2011

☆ Bauble [Inspiration Avenue]

I have been so busy lately. Hand made Christmas presents (oh what WAS i thinking!!) But the mermaid plushies are done (tick) and the princess fiona's on their way and I will post some pics of soon. My presents for my sis & bro in law are still to be completed - but I have seven more days (.... eeek!)

So I just haven't had a chance lately to do a piece for Illustration Avenue, despite the tempting prompts, so this weeks prompt 'Bauble' was a relief.

Painting or illustrating things in baubles is a favourite of mine. I love imagining what is in the bauble, underneath the paint. The other week, Illustration Friday's prompt round inspired me to do a christmas faerie in a bauble. But this week, I decided a mermaid was in order.

©2011 Kirstin McCulloch
I struggled to get involved with this painting and finish it.  I started it at least three times before I was happy with the beginning sketch ;) (I am sure you understand those moments - I think it was because I hadn't invested myself.) But in the end, I finished it.

We have a full on weekend at the moment, a house full of family, christmas carols in the gardens and we are off to my Bean's first dance recital tomorrow - which I am alternating between being very proud and slightly sad! (my baby - she is growing up!!!) I am sure she will be awesome!

And not to stress you out, but some one mentioned to me that it is only two weeks. fourteen days, until christmas. Holy crap I think I am about to freak out!!!

ummmmm. have a good one?!?



  1. I definitely have those moments of uncertainty too, but I'm so glad you stuck with this - the end result is beautiful! Love the tiny little butterfly bauble - and that you have a bauble within a bauble!

    Hats off to you making handmade gifts - I bet they'll be treasured. I love the idea of doing that but frankly just the thought of it in addition to all the other jobs at this time of year stresses me out ha ha!

    Merry Christmas to you :)

  2. Lovely mermaid! We sound a bit alike in that I also decided to make some presents this year. Two weeks and two scarves to go for me!

  3. Hand made gifts sound wonderful but I do so few now as time gets more precious... kudos for finding the time... great bauble and I sympathise with having trouble getting the drawing right... always the hardest bit but once it is place it is all so quick isn't it...xx

  4. Handmade gifts are the absolute best. And to be on the receiving end from you would be a real treat.
    Your mermaid bauble is divine...2 baubles in one♥♥♥

  5. I am giving a few handmade gifts of polymer clay brooches and that was painful enough. I must do a drawing a hundred times before I can start to paint, so I know where you are coming from. Your mermaid is gorgeous, I really love her eyes.


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