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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

☆ Separated [Illustration Friday]

We have just made it through one of the biggest weekends. Our baby, Bean, danced in her first dance recital. And she was amazing. At three and a half she just went out and danced. The crowd, the lights, the other stage shy girls just didn't phase her. She amazes me, and inspires me!

During this weekend, I found myself sitting on the couch surrounded by family, but feeling separated from the group. This is not unusual as I am sure everyone has these moments. I have had them in the past too, but while my 90 year old nan was talking to my brother in law about the latest gossip in the magazines,  (is so and so's son really his??) I felt a huge disconnect to everything around me.

I know its probably due to my brain processing a huge amount of stuff, things to do, presents to buy, shopping to do for the next two weekends, all the freaking present making I have yet to do.

But it was an odd feeling. We were together but separate. (And I wouldn't mind betting I wasn't the only one in the room, feeling the same way!!)

The boy and his horse will not be separated
©2011 Kirstin McCulloch

This is my first serious attempt at a male character, I find the much harder, but I think he turned out ok. But I would love to hear of any tips you might have about drawing and painting 'boys'. I have another planned as a christmas present for my nephew.

I was feeling pretty good about my first attempt until Bean asked where her long princess hair was!

Have a great week

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  1. He's very cute. He could pass for a girl but really, so could most little boys! You could try even shorter hair, maybe a bowl-kinda cut. If he's anything like my brother was, he might have some stitches or bandaids on his face, too! I always enjoy your lovely, rich colors.


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