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Sunday, April 15, 2012

☆ Foliage [inspiration avenue]

Every day when I go out for my walk I end up coming home with some thing in my pocket.

Some times it a pebble, often it's feathers, and just lately with the onset of autumn it has been leaves.

Everyday I look at these leaves and I see patterns, I see wings and feathers and hearts.

I have been collecting the ones that spark some inspiration and storing them in a box, to do something with.... one day.

And thanks to Jenn's prompt over at inspiration avenue I finally had a chance to use one of the multitude of leaves I have collected.

Just one I know, but now I know how effective they look, you will probably see them popping up in my work more often.

 An awesome prompt this week.

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  1. I really like this idea. To imagine the pleasure of the treasure hunt experience you are having makes me want to look at the world in a more detailed way.

  2. thanks so much for your submission, if you noticed the wrap up post went up too early (I was asleep, been a hard week) without the last minute submissions (5 of them including mine!) but it's now corrected to reflect all lovely submissions, including your wonderfully rendered piece. I really love your style. normally faces aren't my thing but yours always capture my imagination, they're so great, so much better than most I see. Really beautiful, those EYES!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Love her foliage wings- she is absolutley a charmer!

  4. Love your big eyed beauties! Nice submission for her foliage wings!

  5. How perfect they look on this sweet girl. We are kindred spirits, as I too pick up bits of nature on my walks as well. I have feathers, seed pods, leaves, shells, little twigs that have tiny vines wrapped around them, pebbles in heart shapes, etc.


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