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Thursday, April 26, 2012

☆ Life Book [week 14]

"My Past has come full circle + I am stronger for it"

Life book is moving into its next phase. From celebrating us and our achievements, to honouring our past. This was an awesome start.

We were encouraged to find a historical figure that we identified with, but I struggled greatly with this. 

I don't really identify with any one, woman or man, current or historic figure. I do admire and I am inspired by certain figures, but do I identify with them? Not really. So in the end I decided not to base my painting on this.

My quote is honouring my decision to leave my home town, 16 years ago, and our decision to return here and raise our two wee beasties.

Although I didn't leave in traumatic circumstances, I left. And I wasn't coming back. I was moving on from this too small town, and I left all my baggage behind too. Never to be looked at again - I left it on the carousel for the lost luggage department to deal with.

When I returned home, my baggage found me. And I struggled to deal with it, I tried to ignore it, I tried to loose it again. But in the end, well, I had no choice but to face it, unpack it and put it away in its right spot. So I have come full circle and I am stronger and happier and more fulfilled because of it. 

(Well except for that one small cosmetic sized bag that I have conveniently lost the keys to and shoved in the back of the bathroom cabinet where it will not to be seen for the next ten years, or longer if I can help it!!)

Anyway, I am really happy with this piece, and it is a great reminder to honour your past, give it some respect, because it has made you who you are. (Unless of course you have amnesia, but that would be a totally different lesson). 

So maybe it is time you honoured your past, and I would love it if you shared your ideas on how you would honour it.


  1. She is very pretty and I adore her white hair. I'm glad your baggage wasn't too heavy to handle.

  2. And you should be very happy too Kirstin... this piece is gorgeous... oh my gosh I love the girl that you have drawn... and lovely heart felt post...

    Jenny x


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