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Sunday, April 22, 2012

☆ Inspired by Words [inspiration avenue challenge]

This weeks Inspiration Avenue Prompt was inspired by National Poetry Month. And we were challenged to be inspired by words, poems, lyrics, quotes or novels.  
I have a huge collection of words, and poems and quotes, and descriptions from novels, that I have saved to be inspired by when the time is right.

But this week, my Bean has graduated to a bunk bed (built by the fabulous Mr Mac) which she decided she wanted to be a mermaid bed (Due mainly to my obsession with pinterest and the 10 or so pins I have of bunk beds for princesses!)

So Mr Mac built the bed and cut out the railing pattern and I painted it. Such an awesome project to work on, but it left no time for my Inspiration Avenue prompt. 

But then I thought about it, and I remember when I was studying for my HSC (all those many years ago now) we studied the poet John Donne. I loved his work, even though I never really understood it, and I needed the cliff notes to decipher his poems. (I can still quote the first stanza of his 'Flea' poem)

Anyway, I remembered a line from one of his songs

"Teach me to hear mermaids singing"

And it has always struck me. I am learning to hear the mermaids sing. It has taken a long time, but I can hear them now!

So in keeping with this weeks theme, I would love to hear what words, song, novel, poem or quote has inspired you lately?

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  1. I really, really like the idea of this bed and of course, the mermaids singing as they dance around the princess's bed. Great way to think outside the box, AND find a way to enter this week's IA challenge.

  2. Lovely artwork and wow what an amazing bed - your little girl must have been so excited when she saw it!

  3. wow this is fabulous! :D what a wonderful treat for your daughter!!

  4. wow!! what a bed!! and a great entry :)

  5. What an amazing project and great interpretation. I love all the arty ways people are able to use words! visiting from IA

  6. Thank you everyone for visiting, and taking the time to leave your fabulous comments

    (@artangel - she was just desperate for bed time and ended up going an hour early just to sleep in it!)


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