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Monday, April 2, 2012

☆ Return [illustration friday]

Return o Earth.

I was reminded the other day that some times I need to return to earth.

I mean I have my dreams and plans and one days and when I's, these are essential to me and my life.

But maybe there comes a time when I need to put my feet down and take a step back.

I have been on a set path for a while now, a path that I created for myself, and don't misunderstand - I am very happy following this road, (which I have no doubt would have eventually lead me to my oz), but a very wise person asked me why?

Why? And you know I never really thought about it. 

And so I did. And I realised that perhaps I could take a detour on another path.

And now that I have taken a detour I am now looking out for others, and I return to the path with more. More to fuel the dreams, the plans, the one days and the what ifs. 

Have you taken the time lately to return? To return to a path you have lost, a dream thats been forgotten, or a project discarded? It may be worth taking five minutes today to just that - return.


  1. awesome piece! great color and expression! well done.

  2. Absolutely and I haven't looked back because now I'm on the right path. Funny how you get detoured in life and then wake up one day and wonder where the hell you are and how you got there?!

    Love the look on her face - she's definitely wondering...


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