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Monday, July 23, 2012

☆ Carry [illustration friday]


I once had a Samurai fighting fish that I had called 'Blue' and he was part of this huge tropical aquarium that we had, that we laboured over, babied and spent a bloody fortune on! 

Once day I came home from work and I couldn't see Blue in the tank. I searched the whole tank, the filter, the gravel but there was no sign of Blue. I didn't want to think about Blue being some ones dinner, so Mr Mac and I decided that Blue must have run away.

When we moved overseas we sold that tank, and every now and then, despite the cost, the hassle, the multitude of guppies that went missing, I miss the tranquillity of watching those fish swim around.

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  1. One of my favorites of yours! I really like the movement in the hair and the cool fish. So strange how yours went missing! (Maybe someone was trying to save you from sadness.)

  2. Gorgeous! Love that the hair and fish are gonig the same way... :)


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