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Monday, July 30, 2012

☆ Lonely [Illustration Friday]

She is so interesting for me. She didn't start out as a response to this weeks prompt for illustration friday, but she definitely fits the bill. To me she looks lost and alone, so sad. It makes me wonder where I was when I painted her. (And considering it was only last week, I am slightly alarmed!) But maybe I was processing some emotion that I was unaware of.

I am constantly amazed that when I paint in my journals, if I don't had an initial concept, what comes out of the deepest parts of my heart.

Sometimes, I sit back and realise I have some stuff going on that was bothering me more than I realised.

Sometimes, like after this painting, there is stuff going on that I am not really conscious of, but the act of painting unconsciously, has processed the emotion for me. And that is that - no need for the therapists couch!

So I wonder how many of us paint unaware? How many of us process our life through our art? And if like me after some time in the studio, you are more balanced and freer?

I would love to hear your stories.


  1. To be honest, to me she looks a little scared, rather than just lonely, but please don't mind me saying that. More than anything else, I totally love your style! I'll be back for sure.

  2. great expression of forlorn and desperation.


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