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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

☆ LilliBean Designs Spotlight [art for sale]

mixed media original painting 8.3 x 5.8" (210 x 148 mm)
Available here

One hot summer, when I was about 10, we found a baby fruit bat stuck in our pool filter. It was such a cute wee thing. I immediately wanted to make him my pet, and I called it Vamp (or something equally original)

For three days, Vamp lived in our basement laundry, I feed him fruit, I held him, I loved him, but he never recovered from being in the pool filter for who knows how long.

Ever since that summer, I have had a slight obsession with bats. I wonder sometimes if obsessions can be hereditary, because one morning over breakfast Bean told me she would like a pet bat when she was 5,  and that she would be a bat girl.  

So Bean and poor wee Vamp were the inspiration behind this painting. And the original Bat Girl painting is available for sale here

Do you have a slightly odd obsession. I would love to hear your stories.

Bat Girl's fine print:
Bat Girl is a mixed media original painting on quality water colour paper. (a collaged novel paper base, acrylic paint and pencil.) It is 8.3 x 5.8" (210 x 148 mm) and will slide easily into a standard sized frame with out alteration. It is finished with a quality matt acrylic varnish (applied to painting after photo to avoid glare). I have signed and dated it and it comes with its own certificate of authenticity. Color intensity may vary from screen to screen. Art work is copyright Kirstin McCulloch

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  1. Oh poor Vamp but I'll bet he lived three days longer than he would have had you not found him.

    Love your Bean/Vamp inspired painting.


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