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Saturday, July 21, 2012

☆ Je t'adore Paris [inspiration avenue]


For my thirtieth birthday Mr Mac took me to Paris for a week.

It was summer, it was Paris and I loved it.

We walked, we sat in parks, we had croissants and pain au chocolats for breakfast, we ate amazing cheeses and breads, we drank wine, slept in the park under the Eiffel tower, ate more cheese, drank more wine and walked some more.

And at the end of that idyllic week, I left a piece of my heart in Paris.

One day I will go back, I will wander the streets, I will eat the beautiful breads cheeses, I will sleep in the shade of the Eiffel tower and I will breathe in the city once more.

Thank you Hettienne for this weeks inspiration avenue prompt.

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  1. The branches and shadows give the piece a mysterious mood, I like it.

  2. Not only is this a beautiful painting, it is a wonderful story of your love of Paris. You could not have made it more memorable.

  3. How romantic--just as the city is! Beautiful story & painting.

  4. I love the way you introduced the Eifel Tower partially behind your portrait. It's just enough detail to let the viewer know where she's at. Blessings!


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