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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

☆ Bottoms Up! [Lifebook 2013]

This weeks lesson was from the amazing Aimee Meyers Dolich from Artsyville.

Aimee's blog was one of the very first I started reading + she was so inspiring for me when I was just starting out.

I love Aimee's bright colours + inspiring prints, so I was so excited that she was teaching a lesson for Lifebook this year.

So Aimee is know for her bright, fluro like colours,  and as you probably guessed, I prefer the greyer  side of the colour spectrum, so it was a challenge to find a beautiful bright colour for my background.

But in the very bottom of my stamping box, I found this bright yellow ink pad (and surprisingly it wasn't dried out!!)

Aimee had included a some in depth questions and in the end my page became more about my favourite things. So I am not sure if I did the lesson as per Aimee's purview, but I know that she wouldn't mind too much!! 

And do you know it is really nice to have a list of some of my favourite things on such a beautifully bright page.

Do you know your favourite things? Have you written out a list or is it in you head? I would love to know your top five fav things!

By the way have you had a chance to enter this months give away? It is free to enter + so easy to do so. Just leave a comment on this blog post. See simples! 

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  1. I am such a color freak who also loves Aimee!! My favorite things are all on your list too!! Five top, first cup of coffee in the morning, a game of online scrabble, my kids, a hot bath, creative moments!! Thanks for the reminder!! We are blessed loving the simple this best!!

    Great post and art!

    Hugs Giggles


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