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Monday, May 27, 2013

☆ Featured - AmhalchyJewelry

This month the featured section is dedicated to some seriously amazing talent + beautiful etsy shops from people who have signed up for Denthes May Etsy Promotions. My fourth featured artist is Amhalchy Jewelry + her beautiful designs.

(all information is from Amhalchy Jewelry's shop)


I love making Jewelry. My name is Aicha and I started making jewelry when I came to USA. I love creating Jewelry and see others wearing what I have created. 

Each piece is full of energy, peace and love, which are the feelings I want to transmit through all my creations. Like many crafted artisans, I take my time ensuring that each piece is carefully crafted. I also make custom order.

AmhalchyJewelry is a shop where you find Handmade Hijab Pins and Jewelry for Girls and Women mixed with Moroccan design. 

I hope you enjoy looking at my items as much as I enjoy making them for you. I would also love the opportunity to make items where you can be the designer. Send me your design ideas and I will try to make your own special item in your favorite colors and materials.
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Pop back Wednesday for my fifth and final shop spotlight for Denthe's Month of Promotions. 

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  1. What a great surprise!!! Thank you so much Kirstin for featuring my shop. I appreciate it.

  2. Lovely work! Especially like the chain linking she's done. :)


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