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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

☆ Featured - DENTHE ARTS

This month the featured section is dedicated to some seriously amazing talent + beautiful etsy shops from people who have signed up for Denthes May Etsy Promotions. My second featured artist is the amazing Denthe herself!

(all information is from denthe's etsy store)

If you like wild abundant colours and paintings of women and birds, if you like poetry and quotes, more specifically in combination with art, you’ve come to the right place. In this shop I'll offer prints of my original paintings, poetry cards and original art. 

“denthe” is a derivation of Denise Thewissen. I’m a Belgian artist currently living in sunny Queensland, Australia. I started painting in 2004. I have been drawing all my life, but painting was something I considered too difficult to do without having a formal education. So for years I planned to go to artschool, because the urge was certainly there, but with my full-time job and then 2 kids it never happened. 

Until my friend’s hubbie took me to a painting club at his work. He worked for a company that employed disabled people. One night a week they could come to a big studio and do all kinds of crafts under guidance. My friend, who is a gifted artist himself, guided the people who wanted to paint, along with some other people that painted in their free time. So I started going there every week, helped them out a bit, and in the meantime learned a lot just by trying things out and getting great tips from the artists there. 

And I was hooked! Utterly, completely in love. I looked forward to Thursday night all week. I went there straight after work and painted for 5 hours. It was always too early to go home. I didn’t know anything about painting, and when I see work from that first period I sometimes cringe …. I learned so much. I soaked up every little bit they could teach me, and experimented with all kinds of techniques. In 2008 I quit my job to have more time for the kids and started to become more serious about my passion. I started going to markets to try and sell things, entered some art shows and had the opportunity to participate in some exhibitions. 

In 2011 I emigrated to Australia with my family, and I had to say goodbye to that wonderful group of people. I will forever be grateful to that friend for taking me along, otherwise I’d probably still be dreaming about painting one day ….

Isn't her work amazing? I love seeing her wildly brilliant paintings pop up in my rss reader, or her zentangle prints. This is only a small selection of her work, but if you are not familiar with her work, I urge you to follow the links below to see more.


Don't forget that I want to feature YOU here! Yes you! Click here to find out more - it is super easy to join in (but don't hesitate to email me with any questions!)


Finally today - don't forget that the chance to win this months Free to enter give away is close to ending. To enter all you have to do is leave three little words on this post here .


  1. Oh wow Kirstin, thanks so much for the wonderful promotion-post! Love it!

  2. super feature! I love Denthe's work so much! xo


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