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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

☆ do YOU know how awesome you are? [downloadable art]

If you had an angel of gratitude, what would she tell you right now?

A friend + I were talking one day about how hard it was being a mama, and how sometimes, as much as we loved being at home with the kids, working away from home was very appealing.

And when we talked about it some more, we decided it wasn't because we had a burning desire to go back to work.

It was because, at work, you have constant feed back - you know if you are doing a good job, you know if you are doing a crappy job, you know if something you did today was awesome because there are people at work who would tell you.

Sometimes you just need feed back, good or bad, as loving human beings we need positive messages for our self growth.

And when you work from home, for your self, are a full time carer, or are a mama raising children, you don't necessarily know if you are doing a good job. 

And so, this is for you.

Maybe you are having a really tough time at the moment, and just need to remind yourself you are awesome + it will be ok.

Maybe you need to remember why a particular goal was so important to you, like loosing weight, or creating every day.

And so, this is for you.

Some times you need your very own angel to give you positive messages of support + loving.

I have designed this Gratitude Angel so that you can write your own messages of support, of love, of bravery and hang her up in a place that will remind you daily of your awesomeness.

There are two ways you can grab your very own copy of the GRATITUDE ANGEL.

*You can pop over to my etsy shop - LilliBean Designs and you can download it immediately for approximately the price of a medium latte ($3.50)

* Or you can sign up for my monthly news + specials email.

Once you sign up, I will email you a pdf file (with in 24 hours of sign up).

So here she is your very own gratitude angel, yours for the taking + yours to remind you that you are awesome, amazing + beautiful!

If you had an angel of gratitude, what would she tell you right now? I would love to hear what she would say. (And if you have used your gratitude angel? I would love to see how.)


  1. Great idea!!!! The angel is very beautiful!!!!!

  2. {Kathy} How beautiful! This is just what moms need. Thank you for creating.


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