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Thursday, September 20, 2012

☆ 10 Years ago [A Year of Bravery]

It is ten years ago this week that Mr Mac and I bravely packed up our life for a 'mature age' gap year.

Ten years ago we were living a life that we 'thought' we wanted.

But I hated my job. I hated that none of my friends lived near by. I hated that the only thing I could think to do on my weekends was go to the mall and spend more money I couldn't afford, on items that were supposed to make me happy. But didn't.

I was so unhappy.

One day I came home and told Mr Mac, we were going overseas for a year. And Mr Mac being the awesome man he is said 'ok'.

And the dream was born.

The reactions from family and friend was telling.  Some were behind us 100% and eager to discuss and contribute to our plans, but others were doubtful and thought we were just dreaming - we would never have the nerve to pack up and leave.

I was totally committed, and knew deep in my soul that this was right. But once we bought our tickets, I became doubtful.

I mean what was I doing? Who was I to jump of the hamster wheel? Why should I expect to be different? Why should I live my dream? (My inner bitch was in her element.)

But of course we went, we left on an adventure for a year and ended up being eight. And in those eight years the course of our life was changed. They changed me.

I became open to living a life that is authentic and honest. I realised that living a life that is imperfect and flawed, is one in which is full of joy and happiness.

So guess the point of my long and slightly rambling post, is to ask you to think about what if you were brave?

What if you were brave and you picked up that paint brush, opened the book, made that call, sent that email, took that risk, or wrote that first line?

What if your life changed beyond your imagination if you took that first step? I would love it if you shared your experiences below.


  1. love this. def got me thinking about life. actually had a conversation with c today about the many different phases of life and how motherhood is so different to any known before and also so life changing. my os time was amazing and very special to me.

    1. Thanks Sam! I think your right, life does move in cycles and I totally agree that mother hood is something totally different. I expect there will be different phases of mother hood too! x

  2. What a great story! I so much would like to do that too - maybe i will. We took a year off travelling when we were young- and it is one of the very best times of our lives. And you travelled for eight!!! And what an inspiration for your art too! I really love your story:) And you might like to share your work on Mandarin Orange Monday too :))


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