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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

☆ Purple Gum Tree Leaf Fairy [a LilliBean Designs Spotlight]

Purple Gum Tree Leaf Fairy

I am constantly inspired by the shapes and colours I see on my daily walks. Although I walk the same way most days, every day there is something new that I notice. The burst of colour from the spring flowers, the way the sun has highlighted the garden gnome in that houses front garden, the cracks in the side walk, the shape of white pebbles encased in the dirt, the gum tree leaves laying on the path.

The Gum Tree leaves are my favourite. The are such a variety of colours, shapes, lengths, and I have always thought that they look like wings. Tattered wings. Imperfect wings. And that appeals to me the most. The more tattered and imperfect the better. 

Because life is imperfect and tattered.

But even so, I believe there is beauty and inspiration to be found in the imperfections and I find flaws so much more attractive and interesting than perfection...

Sometimes I need a reminder that life is full of beauty and inspiration and my gum tree leaf fairies are a reflection of this need. 

Purple Gum Tree Leaf Fairy is a mixed media acrylic painting, and is 8.3 x 5.8" - the perfect size to fit into a standard sized frame. I have applied a matt acrylic varnish (after photographing) to preserve the painting.

More details about the painting are available here.

How are you inspired by the every day -  I would love you to share your stories below (or even leave a link to your every day inspiration!)


  1. so cute! love how you incorporated the leaf

  2. Love her! she's so cute! And putting the leaf there is a great find!


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