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Monday, September 10, 2012

☆ Imagination [illustration friday]

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"There is no 
Life I know
To compare with pure

- Willy Wonka

Have you ever had a day when the world that you've created in your imagination is a much better alternative to real life?

And okay, yes, this may be where loved ones become slightly concerned about my mental health - but haven't you ever had one of those days?

I used to have a lot of them.

I used to have days where I would fantasise about my life being something other than what it was.

Once I spent an entire week fantasising about other careers, an alternative life, being something that I wasn't.

But then I realised that living in this fantasy wasn't making me any happier. It was making things worse, and in realising this, I knew that in order to become a happier person, a happier partner, and a happier employee I needed to make a change.

A big change as it turned out.

With in a year, Mr Mac and I had saved up enough money, sold most of our belongings, quit our jobs and had two passports and two round the world plane tickets in our possession, to leave for our mature age gap year.

An inside, deep in my heart I knew that this was the right path for me, for us. I knew that it would lead us to a happier, a richer life.

And it has.

So while occasionally visiting my imagination was (and still is) something that is very necessary to my very existence, taking up residence in my fantasy world, is a huge big warning to me that something is not right.

What does your imaginary life look like? And is it trying to tell you something?

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