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Monday, September 17, 2012

☆ Burst [illustration friday]

Mini Canvas with Easel
Mixed Media with Acrylic Paint
Some days are just awesome.

Some days every thing flows just the way it is supposed to.

Some days my heart is so full of happiness it feels like it will burst.

(and somedays aren't worth hoping out of bed!)

But today was one of those perfect days. 

And even though there were hiccups during the day (a child throwing her lunch on the floor, a huge tantrum about watching a movie this afternoon, Mr Mac late home from work), it was all manageable.

And it made me wonder what the difference is between days like today, and the days where I haven't coped, where I have upset by the food throwing, the tv tantrum, or the late from work days. Where I have been counting the hours, minutes and seconds until the kids bed times. (And you know its a bad day when that countdown starts before breakfast!)

Obviously the difference is in me - in my frame of mind. I wish life could be this way everyday, but this is real life and not a hallmark card. And I am flawed. 

All I know is that if I could bottle the good days into a magic potion, I would be a gazillionaire! 

I hope you have had a awesome day, a day where everything flows just right. (and if not I hope tomorrow is better!) Feel free to share the good (or bad) below!


  1. You have a great way of expressing your feelings with honesty :)

    1. Thank you so much Tony. for such a lovely comment - I appreciated it so much x

  2. When you figure out that potion, I'll be the first in line! Love this painting and I love your writing! :)

    1. I'll let you know Heather when I manage to create it!!! Thank you for your lovely comments x

  3. I definately can relate to this :)
    The start of this week was like "someone" switched a light on inside me, they let me graciously into their world, and i felt extremely priviledged, and i also felt something shift. I feel like a missing piece of the puzzle has been uncovered, and i am ready and excited to open my mind to the possibilities.
    Thank you to that "person"!
    I wonder if we have all the ingredients we need to be truely happy, however we don't always realise they are there, and how to get to them. When you do discover one of these avenues it feels great!

    1. I think your right - I think you have the tools to be happy (mostly) but perhaps the key is figuring out how to use them properly! I am so glad that you were able to discover a piece of the puzzle and I hope that you will eventually put the pieces together to form the whole.

      I would bet that that "person" was feeling just as privileged and inspired as you!! x


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