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Thursday, October 25, 2012

☆ D.I.Y Project [Christmas Tags]

Yesterday I shared with you my new Christmas tags that are available now.

Today I want to share with you a D.I.Y project based on those tags that you can use to make your very own LilliBean Tags this year.

I have uploaded the template of my Christmas Tags, which you can use to create your own, use as inspiration, or if there are children in your life, print off for them to decorate.

Bean Bug + I printed them off last week and decorated our own. The girls do as much as they wanted so I took theirs and add a few wee details, but I think I will print them again and let them just go nuts with embellishments and this glitter paint that we have in house.

Left to Right: Mine, Beans + Bugs
They turned out pretty cool. I love that not only do I have the printed versions to give to friends + family, but I can now have the girls make their own for each other, their teachers + friends.

Left to Right: Bugs, Beans + Mine
So, if you do end up using my templates to make your own christmas tags, or as inspiration for your own, email me a picture. I would love to see how you use them. And I would love to feature them here in December, so be inspired! (and include your web address!)

I've also been thinking (Ohhhh those five words are going on my gravestone - no doubt about it..), about how nice it is to receive gifts in the post and especially at christmas time. And was thinking that maybe if there were enough people interested wouldn't it be nice to organise a 'tag' swap in time for christmas.

So if you are up for relieving a little something special in the post this christmas, and would like to receive a special something in the post, leave a message below. (And don't worry if you've never been in a swap before - I have never organised one!)


  1. They are so adorable Kirstin. Wonderful work. Love it.
    lovely greet Marja

  2. Your tags are lovely! I've been looking for my first swap and now I've found it. What a wonderful idea! Count me in please.

    1. Thanks Dawn - I will post more details early next month x

  3. what a wonderful gift
    thank you

  4. Lovely and adorable!!!! Love them!!!


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