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Monday, October 8, 2012

☆ Mirror [illustration friday]

When I was a teenager, I seemed to spend so a lot of time in front of my mirror.

I would stare at myself and practice sexy faces, laughing faces, mad faces, trying to raise one eyebrow (it never happened!)

I would look at my eyes and wish for a different colour. I would look at my hair and wish it were straight or blonde. I  would scrutinise every. single. pore on my nose.

These days, I am lucky if I look in the mirror to check my hair before I walk out the door. If I am really lucky, I will look in the mirror to swipe on some mascara.

It makes me realise how much my priorities/ life have changed.

And obviously this is a natural progression. What was important to my sixteen year old self should not be important to my 37 year old self. (I would be worried if it were!)

But thinking back to that slightly self obsessed teen, there is one thing that she was absolutely sure of.

She was an artist. 

She knew it in her heart and soul.

And it came as a huge surprise to me that she knew, she had always known, and I hadn't. 

Now I do. And it is a great reminder that although I am older and wiser (well maybe a little wiser!) there are still things that my younger self can teach me now.

So what could your younger self teach you? I would love it if you shared what you did learn.

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  1. I like this painting. You're right life changes us but really less time in the mirror means more time admiring everyone elses beauty.

    1. Mary I think you are so right! Thanks for stopping by x

  2. I love your painting. I think that what we need in 37 (yes, I'm on that age, too;)), is how to take things a bit lightly than we do. Life is too short and there are so many things to enjoy... Have a wonderful day!!!

    1. I agree with you - I think as I approach the big 40, I realise that my life is not infinite, and that there is so much more out there to do! (And really how much do I not want to count the grey hairs in the mirror ;) ) Thanks for stopping by x


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