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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

☆ Mermies Journey [jewellery by Shelley Alexandra]

My fabulously talented sister-in-law Shelley, from Shelley Alexandra Designs makes the most amazing beautiful jewellery. Jewellery made with natural gemstones, and each piece is individual and unique in it's design and vibe.

When Shell and her family came for  a visit a couple of months ago, we started talking about her making some jewellery from my art. She thought it would look awesome, and I totally agreed, but I had never thought about it this as an avenue for my art before. 

Yesterday, Shelley sent me a photo of the most gorgeous necklace that she had just made, and what was the coolest thing was it was featuring one of my mermaid paintings.


Mermie's Journey is a hand sculpted pendant, set on Agate with a resin inset of 'Blue Mermie'.

The shell connects to the ocean with a built freshwater pearl chain.

Isn't it cute? I can't imagine how she did this, (of all the things I have dabbled in jewellery making was never my thing) but I am amazed by the detail and the energy she has managed to create in a necklace!

Shelley has asked for people to let her know if you want to see more jewellery like this, so if you want more, it would be fantastic if you can pop over to her facebook page and let her know!

While your there, you can see the other awesome jewellery she has on offer at the moment.

I am totally in love with the opal and amethyst pendant she has on offer at the moment.

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