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Thursday, October 18, 2012

☆ Is an Messy Desk a sign of a Cluttered Mind?

A couple of weeks ago I tidied up my studio.

I would have to say, that I am not, not, one of those people who needs a cleaned up work space to paint.  I just don't see the mess. And unlike poor Mr Mac, I am not bothered or irritated by mess, but perhaps I was nesting, and I tidied up.

And it was so tidy I decided to take a photo to send with a message to my poor suffering husband.

'Look Mr Mac - a cleared off desk, a floor empty of crap, brushes that are washed and away. You see I do keep my studio tidy!' (and I imagine in his head his reply would have been something like - that's great Kirst, but what about the bedroom + dishes + washing + dusting?)

But then I started a new painting

And I moved over to my easel.

 And I started something else..

And sorted some gumtree leaves...

And this was it this morning.

I am too embarrassed to show you the floor. (Needless to say it is not pretty!)

So I got to wondering about the correlation between my messy desk and my productivity. I think I am more productive the messier I am. (Sorry Mr Mac - good thing the studio has a closable door!)

I remembered this sign that used to sit on my fifth grade teachers desk. It was something like - If a messy desk means you have a cluttered mind, what does an empty desk mean?

And I have realised that my mind is never really empty (even my dreams are complicated, chaotic and cluttered), but the chaos and clutter and my eternal over thinking, is the reason that I have these amazing sparks of inspiration and creativity.

But I am sure this is not how everyone creates.

I would love to know do you need peace and tidiness to create or clutter and chaos? (And does an empty desk mean an empty mind??)

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  1. Hi marvelous to see your workspace and the mess when you are working. I recognise that. My workplace is offen a mess. When I cleaned it up is it for a real short time. But I feel happy with it. So I can create and be myself.
    Thanks for sharing Kristin.
    lovely greet

  2. LOL! My studio is only ever clean for about five minutes too! I think that could be it too - the mess is me, I am more comfortable with the mess, and therefore feel more comfortable to create?? Thanks for popping in x


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